Fidexbank offers its customers the following financial services.


Account manager
Personal assistance in cryptobanking and related financial services.

Cryptocurrency advice with expert knowledge beyond the usual.

Loan up to 65% of the cryptocurrency as collateral for the loan.

Exchange cryptocurrencies directly with our large amounts of liquidity at market pricing set in euros, and avoid waiting for orders to be met with price change or cancelled.
Buying or selling cryptocurrencies with euros is as easy as exchanging money with immediate settlement, and we also offer OTC services for larger amounts.

We accept deposits in euros. However, we can arrange a deposit in other currencies, if we are allowed to exchange and deposit as a currency we already trade with based on price agreed in advance.

We use cold wallets so that all customer funds are secured against unauthorized intruders and unknown curiosity. This is the safest way to store digital assets, and in addition we cover up to 100,000 or equivalent amount of the available deposit balance per customer as part of our insurance of funds.

We accept withdrawals in euros. However, we can arrange a withdrawal in other currencies, if we are allowed to exchange and pay out as a currency we already trade with based on price agreed in advance.

Brokerage Service

Assigned broker
Your own professional broker who is ready to offer exclusive trading opportunities.

Mandatory targets
Planning of targets, preparation of strategies, and achievement of these.

Portfolio management
Achieve good results with full or partial management of your portfolio.

It is a great advantage to have signals delivered quickly, safely and on time from experts to not miss any important investment related information.

Technical analysis
Data and methods based on expert knowledge and with great precision in the subject to facilitate preparation on how to look at a particular investment. This creates better opportunities to avoid hasty decisions or unwise financial decisions.

Investing service

Assigned wealth manager
Secure and profitable management of wealth to beat inflation rates, and achieve positive returns regardless of how financial markets develop.
A minimum of €10,000 or equivalent cryptocurrency value is required to use this service.

Investment packages
Investment packages are based on a minimum investment amount and duration in days, weeks, months or years with guaranteed interest returns.
For example, a customer invests €1,000 in value by purchasing an investment package that lasts for a year with an annual return of 18% and receives €1,180 at the end of the period.

It is a requirement to be a customer and accept terms, conditions and agreements in order to use our financial services.

Escrow service

With security for payment only happens upon correct delivery, we offer escrow services so that disagreements can be avoided and agreements can be honored regardless of type, value, scope and distance of what is traded.

Customer support

Customer support is only available to existing customers who can log in and request support online or by contacting their dedicated account manager.
All other inquiries can be made to us by filling out and submitting the form via the contact us page

Notification service

Upon request, we share relevant news and events with customers to save them time and stay updated.